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Nelson Delgado Jr.

Founder, President


Creative Director



    With aspirations for a better life, my parents made the decision to leave Cuba in 1980 and relocated to the U.S.


    Mom and Dad both worked hard to make our family successful. My father began his career in the United States as a trailer truck Driver.

Later on to a travel lift operator. While learning English along the way.


    Working several jobs simultaneously. My mom cooked Cuban food during the workweek. Selling food to go, door to door. In Texas she worked in a school cafeteria as a dishwasher. Mom also cleaned houses and went to night school to learn English.


    A few years later while we were in Texas. My father was offered a job in Miami and we found our way to South Florida.


    After years of grueling hard work and commitment. Mother Graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Education. She seamlessly went from the kitchen to the classroom. as a Paraprofessional 3 and has been working in the Dade County Public Schools System for 30 years.


    My parents worked incredibly hard. In a new country, and new surroundings. To provide a safer and better life for my sister and I. In Miami my creative interests grew and from age 6 to 18. I was placed in a Magnet Program at South Miami School for the Arts. Later I auditioned for and was accepted to Design and Architecture School.


    In both schools I was surrounded by educators who believed in me, I learned art, fashion and stage design.


    My biggest cheerleaders were my parents. They faced their own challenges as full-time employees. While being caregivers to my Grandparents and immigrants in a new country. Never failing to support and encourage me to excel at my craft. Celebrating my artistic expression and achievements.


    Thanks to their creative nurturing. A few years ago, I began an exciting project. The Eclectic Arts Movement. You can find information on my previous work at The Begin My Movement website.  Along with a list of past clients and events. The organization worked to connect sponsors to an important cause. The organization and our events slowed down 5 years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer.


    It is then that I learned to appreciate life to its fullest. Celebrating the people and the art that encouraged healing and growth. 

    In watching my mom's struggles, achievements and all that she has done for me. Prior, during and after the cancer. I felt it was time for me to give back to her and I asked her what she would like for me to do for her.  

    She responded. Create something for the women, that give so much and receive so little in return. Acknowledge our history and the Arts that we seldom see in the world today.
    With that said The Wonders of Women Museum and Gallery was conceived. 

    With the opening of this museum & gallery. It is our goal to give young girls and boys the support I was given my whole life. To look beyond what society expects of us. Understanding the power of creative expression and a sense of community. My Parents set a positive example of acceptance and support. It is my sincere hope. I may do the same for you.

Many Blessings to you All, Always.


Nelson Delgado Jr.