(1-15) Most Asked Questions?



1. Why a Women’s MUSEUM & GALLERY if you’re a MAN?        


The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery is a tribute to my mom. This was her inspirational idea and since she is unable to commit to the venture. I decided to give my all, dedicate myself fully and make it a reality for her.

2. Dose The WOW Gallery do theme Exhibitions?                  

We do. You DO NOT have to do the Theme, it is only a suggestion, unless its for a specific cause or event and then it is a requirement to participate. We never want to limit your creativity and so whatever you like to present you have that choice to do so. 

3. How long will W.O.W. Keep the Artwork? 


Since The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery is planning on traveling to different Art Festivals and Exhibitions with the presented Artworks.


We estimate approximately 2 years. Some Art Festivals include The Bayou City Arts Festival in Houston, Pecan Festival Austin, Coconut Grove Arts Festival in Miami and we like to plan on participating in Art Basel Miami 2022.


4. How does The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery make its REVENUE?              


I Nelson Delgado Jr. and business partner Daniele Venetsianov, are investing in this venture by using 100% of our savings. We are looking into selling the originals, reproduce products based on the Artworks and W.O.W. Museum collector items. By doing this we will raise revenue for the location.


  • As soon as we receive our 501C-3 or a Fiscal Sponsor, The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery will have the opportunity to apply for grants from the City of Houston, receive full donations from the Government and from individual or corporations. What we are able to do now is invest our own funds, sale tickets to events, receive taxable contributions and sell products. We have chosen a Fiscal Sponsor, paid the registration fee and now we are preparing the needed documents to be approved.




All WOW Exhibitions are live. We are searching for the best virtual experience at this time.


  • Only artists that physically present their work will be on the virtual exhibition.


6. How long are WOW EXHIBITIONS?      


All Exhibitions last between 2 weeks to 1 month. Special Events and Galas may run from 1 to 3 days.

7. Who can PARTICIPATE in The W.O.W. Gallery Exhibitions?


  • Local and International Artists

  • Adult Artists 18 and Beyond

  • Artists ages 13 through 17 require a Guardian’s permission

8. What FEES dose The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery Charge its Artists?      


The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery never charges a fee to female or young artists for Promoting, Exhibitions or being part of any of its Events and Projects.


  • Our plan is to never charge an Artist. W.O.W. will always need the Artists full dedication and cooperation in making all this become a reality for all of us and for its future generations.


9. Who owns the rights to the presented ARTWORK?           

Artists you are the sole owner of the Artwork presented. To any Event or Exhibition held by The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery. We do not claim ownership in any way.


(All information concerning this matter is stated in the Agreement.)


10. What do you mean by REPRODUCTION of Artwork?                

We have partnered with several reproduction companies in the United States and Europe. They reproduce on demand and some distribute worldwide. 


They reproduce outerwear, furniture, handbags, shoes, jewelry, prints, giclée’s, stickers and many other products.


Since the Artwork you are presenting is for The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery, we would be the only ones allowed to represent you with that presented Artwork and be exclusive in its reproduction with your permission.


  • Artist may choose to reproduce or not the Artwork(s) presented.



11. Do I have a Choices in what I want to participate in?


Artists all our Agreements and events give you choices on what you like to do. We give you options and let you always decide what is best for the self. We do ask if you don’t want to do something in particular to initial it.


12. Am I going to be EMAILED, CALLED or TEXTED constantly? 


We will never send unsolicited emails send texts or make phone calls. Emails we send will be pertaining to exhibitions and events. They will be followed by a text or a message to your Instagram or a phone call.


13. What will happen if after reading Agreement I don’t choose to participate?


We would truly feel sadden by your decision, we would always like to know your reasons and this way we may do our best to accommodate you or work something out with you.


If your final decision is not to participate. There’s a Decline Button on the Agreement page and under the final signatures. Press that, it will make a pop-up box appear. Answer the question: Why you made your decision? and then press send.


  • You will not be removed from any posts or be denied the chance of continuing being part of The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery (Unless you choose to be). Sometimes things don’t workout and who knows maybe the next Exhibition or Event is meant for you.


14. Dose a PHYSICAL LOCATION Exists?

Yes. The WOW Gallery is located at:

249 W. 19th St & Rutland

suite C

Houston, TX 77008

We are by Appointment Only: 713.320.2250

15. Can I have representation outside of W.O.W.?


You can expand with whomever you like, exhibit with any gallery and be promoted with whatever establishment you choose.


The W.O.W. Museum & Gallery wants you to always expand your horizons and we will never limit your self expression to the world.


(We won’t accept artists who promote violence, hate or discrimination to others no matter what your personal reasons may be).

Most Asked Questions?