Dear Guests and Artist,

    Welcome to the W.O.W. Gallery, here you will find a plethora of Artist from all over the Globe and be able to communicate with each Artist in a personal manner.

    The participating Artists are promoted online for free, through our website, As The Female Artists of W.O.W. and on our Instagram Page TheWOWGallery

    As part of our nonprofit organizations mission, Our objective is to showcase the extraordinary and astounding works of art that these beautiful women have astonishingly created.

    Our vision is to inspire the world of art by moving towards diversification and remediation. Of the historical under representation of non-male and non-white male artists. 

    A recent study has shown that artists in 18 Major US Museums Are 85% White and 87% Male. The study Says American galleries and museums still have a long way to go. In diversifying their collections and as they remain overwhelmingly white and male.

    The study was conducted by a group of mathematicians, statisticians, curators, professors and art historians at Williams College, the American and European Art at Williams College Museum of Art, The African and African American Art at the University of California, Los Angeles.


    In history it is the artists and women who help define the culture of a society, who speak for the voiceless and create a vision for the future.


    I'd like to personally thank Isabela Escobar for informing me of the post done by Flavia Braun and for her posting it from Hyperallergic.

    lets work together to build a future of inclusivity and empowerment. Lets Inspire, motivate and expand our horizons so our young generations can create without limitations.


Lets WOW the world together!

Many Blessings Always

Yours Truly

Nelson Delgado Jr.

Founder and President

The Wonders of Women Gallery


Female ARTISTs 



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