Greetings Care Givers,


    The Wonders of Women Museum is pleased to announce. Our arts and literature program. Available to children and young artists from around the world. We are looking for talent ranging from ages 9 - 17. 


    Our Young artist will have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork at our upcoming shows. They will be featured artists on our website and media platforms. Our goal is to instruct and guide them in creating their own portfolio. Setting them on the path to a bright career in the arts.


    Our mission is to successfully encourage our youth to create and showcase their work.

Fostering talent encouraging participation in a movement greater than themselves.


    Through history of the arts and individual artist movement. Cultures from around the world that have influenced our lives in many ways. Allowing a form of expression to the voiceless. Creating a vision for the future in the arts. Lets us work together to build inclusivity and empowerment.

    To participate in our youth submission program. The artist entry, painting, sculpture or work must focus on women's empowerment. They must read about or research a woman. On which to base the submission. These are other required guidelines.


  • Write a 300 - 500 word essay on a woman they know of or read about.

  • Explain why a career in the arts is important to the young artist. What inspired their creativity.

  • Create a visual artwork with one of the mediums stated in the Presented Art section.

    Thank you for supporting and encouraging your young artists.


Good luck to our young participants as we embark on this journey together. 


    Together lets bring the arts to the world.

Lets WOW it!



Nelson Delgado Jr.

Founder and President

The Wonders of Women Gallery


Our youth submission program guidelines 


1. Artists piece must be focused on women's empowerment.  This can be inspiration from a real life woman or fictional female character. A work based on a friend or relative is also an acceptable entry. 

2. Artists must be between 9 and 17 years of age.

3. Ages will be divided in the following groups. They will also require the attached essay.

With the corresponding word minimum. Explaining why a career in art is important to you.  

  • 9 - 11 / 300 Words 

  • 12 - 14 / 400 Words

  • 15 - 17 / 500 Words

4. The above mentioned guidelines and further details. Will be provided in the artist submission packet.​​

    Thank you guardians for supporting your young artists as we embark on this journey. Good Luck!





1. Original Artwork only. No prints, replicas and or copies of any kind  will be accepted.


2. Artwork that is not done by the Young Artist  may not be submitted.

3. Through email send 1 piece you chose for the exhibition.

First before submitting message us at this link:


Connect to WOW and Follow us on:


Instagram: TheWOWGallery

 Instagram: TheWOWMuseum


When you Connect to WOW we will email you all the requirements for your Young Artist to participate.

The email will come from:


On the SUBJECT LINE  will be placed:

Young Artists Exhibition

Presented Art


1. The following Mediums are accepted 

(Stated Below)


2.   All Mediums of Art  must be 18" x 24" excluding written works (When not framed).​

3. Photographers: 

(Photographs must be  matted + framed, or not matted or framed but presented  in an artistic manner​)


4. Sculptors:

(Sculptures may be of any dimension)


5.  Fashion Designers:

(1 Avant-Garde  Piece + an Illustration of the garment and the illustration must be Matted and Framed)

  • Avant-Garde Piece must be constructed

  • Frame must be white (We recommend IKEA)

  • A mannequin will be provided


6. Poets:

(Must have the written work matted + framed, or not matted or framed but presented  in an artistic manner)


  • All written work must be readable by the audience All written work must be on a 2 ft x 4 ft Printed Sheet or Canvas 

  • Printed Sheet or Canvas must be on a Black Frame (We recommend IKEA)

Once Artwork has been submitted and accepted, we will place the Young Artists information on our website and Instagram page The WOW Gallery.

All Artists will be informed 3 month prior to the exhibition date. The Artwork must be mailed to The W.O.W. Museum.

  • Care Givers or Parents you are solely responsible for the Shipment cost of the Artwork to and returning from The W.O.W. Museum's main office. Following the exhibition submissions will be returned to you. Within a two month deadline.


The Young Artists of W.O.W. is open to all Girls and Boys. Young Artist should start working on their artwork. 
To be submitted as soon as possible. 

Submissions Begin
On Children's Day
November 20, 2022



* Please send a Text Message when you have emailed your Young Artist's Submission information to the following number and it is also for WhatsApp : 1 (713) 320 - 2250



             (When sending a Text include)

1. Your Full Name (Parents) + Young Artists Name

2. Email 

3. Website or Instagram of Young Artist (if applicable)

 Instagram: TheWOWGallery  & TheWOWMuseum

 FaceBook: TheWOWMuseumandGallery